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Aerospace Engineer Wants To Go Over Niagara Falls

Aerospace engineer Julian Sharpe is so confident in the disaster-proof pod he has invented that he is willing to test it by going over Niagara Falls. “I’m aware there are huge restrictions, and it may not even be possible, in which case we would be looking for an alternative waterfall,” said Sharpe, 50, a British […]

Niagara Falls extends welcome to the world

Eyes of the world about to be turned on the craziness that is Niagara Falls. Events regarding the Niagara Falls tightrope walk scenario that have already happened and are about to happen were described in The Wycked Falls before they happened. The Wycked Falls: Descent  into the Maelstrom This is the book that described what […]

Author/Historian pays tribute to Niagara Falls Daredevils because tethered tight rope walk will dishonor them

People should boycott this “fake reality” exhibition. Historical tightrope walk is nothing more than a glorified zipline crossing. Even the ghosts of Niagara Falls implore Wallenda and ABC to do the right thing. Have you ever gone into the produce section of a grocery store looking for a tomato. There are plenty to choose from […]

The ghost of John Brown

This was the president that was supposed to bring us together as a country. It has not worked out that way. In fact, if anything we’re more divisive than we have ever been in reference to class, party and race and this can be attributed in large part to the man at the helm. It […]


What is the pathology of a bully? How does bullying escalate to violence? Can we predict school shootings? There are plenty of questions, but seemingly few answers that have worked. In his groundbreaking new book SSTOP School Shooter Threat Onset Predictive: The Pathology of Bullying, Violence in Schools and the School Shooter Syndrome, Dr. Robert […]